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What’s hot this week: October 19, 2016

Here are this weeks top picks by our customers from using their checklist. The full list of this weeks comic books, toys, graphic novels, trade paperbacks and restock items are on our weekly checklist page.

Bunker #19 $0

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Joshua Hale Fialkov(w), Joe Infurnari(a)(c)

This is it. The epic story of five friends destined to destroy the world is at it’s end. Their lives have been ruined, the world hangs in the balance, and their best friend is dead. There is no turning back now.

Amazing Spider-Man V4 #20 $0

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Dan Slott(w), Christos Gage(w), Giuseppe Camuncoli(a), Alex Ross(c)


Death is no more, and DOCTOR OCTOPUS HAS RETURNED!!!

How is he back? And what does he have to do with The Jackal?

A-Force V2 #10 $0

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Kelly Thompson(w), Paulo Siqueira(a), Stephanie Hans(c)


The lives of A-FORCE, a mysterious woman named Alice and an entire town lie in the hands of NICO MINORU.

What Nico chooses to do next can save the day but can also make her a murderer - the very thing she’s been running from since CAPTAIN MARVEL first tried to arrest her.

And if A-Force manages to survive the day, can the team stay together? Or will this be the end of A-Force as we know it?

Batman V3 #9 $0

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Tom King(w), Mikel Janin(a)(c)

“I Am Suicide” part one!

Batman has always been crazy…but this? This is suicide! In order to retrieve Psycho-Pirate and save Gotham Girl, Batman must recruit a team from Amanda Waller to break into the most impenetrable prison in the world and steal from one of the Dark Knight’s greatest foes…Bane. The next great Batman story begins here!

Ancient Dreams #2 $0

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JP Roth(w), Mike Krome(a), Dawn McTeigue(a), Eric Basaldua(c)

Desperate to find relief from her terrifying nightmares, Cara Wynter heads out to a seedy bar. She orders one drink, then the whole bottle. Before she knows it, she is falling… into what? She didn’t know. A vision? A dream? Was she awake or asleep? Her world was a blur with no distinction. All she knew is she was falling into open flames, the flames that burned relentlessly at her mind and soul all day and all night.

Black Hammer #4 $0

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Jeff Lemire(w), Dean Ormston(a)(c)

In the forties, Abraham Slam faced such menaces as the psychedelic Florist and the eldritch Cthu-Lou without breaking a sweat. But keeping the heroes of Black Hammer Farm from each other’s throats when his girlfriend comes to dinner proves far more perilous! Meanwhile, the Black Hammer’s daughter uncovers new clues to the exiled heroes’ disappearance!

Kiss V2 #1 CVR D $0

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Amy Chu(w), Kewber Baal(a),  Goni Montes(c)

KISS is back! Back to the FUTURE in this dark sci-fi adventure. In a world without sun and a world without heroes, four young friends embark on a dangerous mission - to uncover the truth about the mysterious Council of Elders and their underground home, the city of Blackwell. But first they need some help from the past…

Archie V2 #13 CVR C $0

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Mark Waid(w), Veronica Fish(a), Cameron Stewart(c)

Veronica’s out… and Cheryl Blossom is in! Veronica has to adjust to her new settings at Pembrooke Academy, a private school. That shouldn’t be a problem for the rich, affable teen, except for one thing: Pembrooke’s reigning queen, Cheryl, isn’t looking to make any friends. Can Veronica establish her place at the haughty high school? And just how is Archie going to adjust back home in Riverdale?

Backstagers #3 $0

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James Tynion IV(w), Rian Sygh(a), Veronica Fish(c)

It’s Tech Rehearsal for Les Terribles and Beckett is determined to nail every cue, but Sasha’s mistake brings new drama to the stage!

Black Hood V4 #1 CVR A $0

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Duane Swierczynski(w), Greg Scott, Greg Smallwood(c)

“The Nobody Murders,” Part 1.

The acclaimed crime comic returns with an all-new #1 issue, the perfect jumping-on point for new readers. The Black Hood is no more. Sure, there are rumors that the former cop known as Greg Hettinger is still out there, blending in with the homeless population, and emerging only to stop a violent attack before vanishing again. But the ruthless assassin known as The Nobody considers the Black Hood a loose end, and he’s willing to slaughter dozens to flush him out. How high must the body count rise before Greg steps forward to face an opponent he can’t possibly beat?

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