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What’s hot this week: April 22, 2015

Here are this weeks top picks by our customers from using their checklist. The full list of this weeks comic books, toys, graphic novels, trade paperbacks and restock items are on our weekly checklist page.

Star Wars V4 #4 $0

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Jason Aaron(w), John Cassaday(a)(c)

Luke Skywalker is NOT a Jedi-not yet, at least.

He’s only ever met one Jedi in his life…and he died.

So, Luke’s quest leads him back to Obi-Wan’s hut…on Tatooine.

All New X-men #40 $0

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Brian Michael Bendis(w), Mahmud(a)

Who are the Utopians? And what secret do they hold that pertains to the future of mutantkind?

The All-New X-Men may regret finding out!

Convergence #3 $0

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Jeff King(w), Stephen Segovia(a)(c), Jason Paz(a)

Death comes calling as an injured Telos takes out his rage on the people of Kandor, while the Earth-2 team endures another brutal casualty. And major plans are set in motion as Green Lantern and the others follow Deimos into the lost city of Skartaris to find Rip Hunter and the missing Time Masters, who could be their only hope of escape from this apocalypse for Infinite Earths!

Convergence New Teen Titans #1 $0

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Marv Wolfman(w), Nicola Scott(a)(c)


Titans Together! The greatest Titans team of them all takes on the might of the Tangent Universe’s Doom Patrol!

GOTG V3 #26 $0

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Brian Michael Bendis(w)

It seems like the Guardians have forgotten something in all the cosmic craziness that’s been going on…

Oh…that’s right…Peter got elected President of Spartax…wait WHAT?!

Looks like he’s done a GREAT job escaping his father’s legacy. Guess he can even screw that up…

GOTG and X-Men Black Vortex Omega #1 $0

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Sam Humphries(w), Ed McGuinness(a)


When an entire planet, and potentially the entire galaxy, is caught in the crosshairs of Knife’s cosmically empowered forces, the Guardians and the X-Men face their final test.

With billions of lives at stake, our heroes are forced to make the ultimate sacrifice.

But in gaining the power to potentially defeat Knife, by submitting to the Black Vortex, could they have given up their humanity forever?

Amazing X-Men V2 #19 $0

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Craig Yost(w)

Has the Juggernaut returned?

Is this the last stand of Colossus?

Convergence Wonder Woman #1 $0

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Larry Hama(w), Joshua Middleton(a)(c)


Diana Prince is in the grip of a Domesday cult when Steve Trevor leaps into the fray! But can he save Etta Candy from vampires of Red Rain?

Avengers World #20 $0

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Frank Barbiere(w), Marco Checchetto(a), Sanford Greene(c)

The fall of The Avengers!

Namor’s fury unleashed!

The Cabal rises…no world is safe!

Convergence Justice League America #1 $0

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Fabian Nicieza(w), ChrisCross(a)(c)


With their heavy hitters sidelined, Elongated Man must lead the much-maligned “Detroit Justice League” against the overwhelming power of the heroes from the Tangent Universe!

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