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What’s hot this week: July 1, 2015

Here are this weeks top picks by our customers from using their checklist. The full list of this weeks comic books, toys, graphic novels, trade paperbacks and restock items are on our weekly checklist page.

Secret Wars #4 $0

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Jonathan Hickman(w), Esad Ribic(a), Alex Ross(c)


Darth Vader #7 $0

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Kieron Gillen(w), Salvador Larroca(a), Adi Granov(c)

The Emperor’s machinations revealed!

Everything changes for Vader!

The tale of Vader’s transformation from A New Hope to The Empire Strikes Back continues!

Ultimate End #3 $0

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Brian Michael Bendis(w), Mark Bagley(a)(c)


The mash up of the Ultimate Universe and the Marvel Universe reaches its tipping point.

A-Force #2 $0

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G Willow Wilson(w), Marguerite Bennett(w), Jorge Molina(a)(c)

With monsters appearing on the utopian island of Arcadia and threatening its inhabitants, She-Hulk and her team of Avengers set out to discover the source.

But when they stumble upon a conspiracy that reaches far beyond Arcadia, She-Hulk may just find herself on the wrong side of the law!

Future Impefect #2 Secret Wars $0

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Peter David(w), Greg Land(a)(c)


But is it the Ben Grimm we know and love under that rocky hide?

What X-Factor member will show up as an unexpected ally of the rebels?

Princess Leia #5 $0

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Mark Waid(w), Terry Dodson(a)(c)


The rebel Princess leads her people against the Empire!

The conclusion to Leia’s most personal mission!

Years of Future Past #2 $0

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Marguerite Bennett(w), Mike Norton(a), Arthur Adams(c)

Freed from their military prison, the X-Men race through the ruins of the city to rescue their teammates from a terrible fate!

Horrified by what mutants must do to survive, Kate Pryde and her family must struggle to find a way to save their people—and seek out the haven where a dire weapon waits.

We Stand On Guard #1 $0

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Brian K Vaughan(w), Steve Skroce(a)(c)

SAGA writer Brian K Vaughan teams with artistic legend and MATRIX storyboard artist Steve Skroce for an action-packed military thriller that will have everyone talking. 100 years from now, a heroic band of Canadian civilians must defend their homeland from invasion…by the United States of America! The hyper-detailed combat between badass freedom fighters and giant f***ing robots begins with a spectacular 40-PAGE FIRST ISSUE!

X-Tinction Agenda #2 $0

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Marc Guggenheim(w), Carmine Giandomenico(a), David Nakayama(c)

The Secret Wars sequel to the landmark inaugural X-Crossover continues! 

In desperate need of a cure for their people, Havok, Wolfsbane and the Press Gang have invaded X-City.

As old friends become new enemies, the war to save Genosha from extinction is on!

Giant Size Little Marvel AVX #2 Secret Wars $0

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Skottie Young(w)(a)

Our heroes may be little, but boy are they fierce!  The land of Marville brings you the best of Marvel as they face-off in a battle of the fittest, in a slightly smaller package.

Super-powered dodgeball, high-tech hideouts and eye-puns a plenty, Marvel’s most adorable heroes aren’t pulling any punches in this larger-than-life, fun-size adventure.

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