Bigfoot Frankenstein TP Colossus Of Destiny
Action Lab Entertainment

Bigfoot Frankenstein TP Colossus Of Destiny

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Mark Bertolini(w), Vernon Smith(a)(c)

The Frankenstein family strikes again! When great-great-great (many greats)-grandson of the original Dr. Frankenstein stumbles across the remains of the last tribe of Sasquatches, he uses his family's patented formula for creating life and brings forth Bigfoot Frankenstein! Compelled to seek the evil clan of rednecks who slaughtered his people, Big Frank and his creator, Jude, hit the road on a hilarious quest for justice, vengeance, and? love? Collects issues #1-5!

Item #: 101406 Product code: FEB221117 UPC: 9781632296160