Fantastic Four #43 Variant Yu Spider-man
Marvel Comics

Fantastic Four #43 Variant Yu Spider-man

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Dan Slott(w), Rachael Stott(a), Andrea Di Vito(a), Leinil Francis Yu(c)


"Victor Von Doom: Hero of Earth"

The last time the Cormorant appeared, he destroyed the Baxter Building and the Latverian Embassy, completely overpowered the Fantastic Four, and left without anyone laying a hand on him.

Now, for the sake of the universe, Doctor Doom must face him alone. Hail Doom!

Meanwhile, four of Earth's greatest heroes are trapped in the toxic wastelands of the Barrens...and there is no way for all of them to make it out alive.

Guest-starring: The Silver Surfer, She-Hulk, and an army of Marvel's most cosmic champions!

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