Sham Comics #2
Source Point Press

Sham Comics #2

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Tim Fuller(w), VARIOUS(a)

Do Spud & Pud Nerdly have what it takes to be a globe-trotting explorers like their famous father, Colonel Horatio Nerdly? When he suddenly shows up on their doorstep and offers them an adventure of their own, will they jump at the chance? Of course they will! The quest for gold takes them deep into the Amazon jungles in search of the elusive Wango Bango tribe and their fabled riches. Will the boys survive the perils of the rain forest? Odds are, they will! Brought to you by the fine folks at Wildass Fish Oil Hair Tonic, Daddy-O Huffman's Huffable Spray Paint, Monotonogram Models and Buck Wilde's Bully-in-a-Minute Method.

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