Detective Comics #1061 CVR A Ivan Reis and Danny Miki
DC Comics

Detective Comics #1061 CVR A Ivan Reis and Danny Miki

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Mariko Tamaki, Nadia Shammas, Sina Grace(w), Ivan Reis, Danny Miki, David Lapham(a), Ivan Reis, Danny Miki(c)

Mommy’s home! With Talia al Ghul back in town, anything can happen...and the mother of Robin is here to lay down the law. Meanwhile, the Riddler’s scheme to turn Batman’s sacred city into a twisted riddle of life and death has at last been revealed...and Edward’s going to use whatever and whoever he can to turn Batman’s life upside down. Then, in the finale of Gotham Girl, Interrupted, Claire Clover unravels the mystery behind the Gotham Girl why doesn’t she believe what she finds in the process? It’s betrayal, healing, and punches galore!

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