Exciting Comics #23
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Exciting Comics #23

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Various(w), VARIOUS(a), Alexander Malyshev(c)

'Fallen Justice' (Cary Kelley, Steven Forbes, Harold Edge): With three months left to live, Justice Theta reflects on his past as he formulates his final plan, while Dynagirl puts everything on the line to stop her boyfriend. 'Camille Wallace' (Andre Leal): Needing funds for his first costume sample, Camillo, a.k.a. Veritas Man, signs up for a famous MMA kumite to get the prize money. 'Nothing-Man' (John Rhodes, Laurie Foster, Marcus Odoms): Nothing-Man has escaped the clutches of his evil twin, Supremous, only to be confronted by his mind-altered sister, Chaotika! 'They Call Him Marvelous': (Jamaal Simpson, David Jaxon, Alexander Malyshev): There's a new hero in town: Marvelous, a bad mo-fo tackling rampant crime, starting with a human trafficking ring!

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