Savage Avengers TP 2022 Time is the Sharpest Cut
Marvel Comics

Savage Avengers TP 2022 Time is the Sharpest Cut

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David Pepose(w), Carlos Magno(a), Leinil Yu(c)

Collects SAVAGE AVENGERS (2022) #1-5.

A bold new beginning for Marvel's most savage super heroes! Since his exile from his own time, Conan the Barbarian has conquered every foe the modernMarvel Universe has to offer - but what happens when this hard-edged Cimmerian finds himself targeted by the cybernetic future soldier called Deathlok? Outgunned and outmatched, Conan must turn to an unlikely group of loners, berserkers and killers if he hopes to survive - a sensational new lineup that will resonate across every era of the House of Ideas! But as Deathlok pursues Conan and these new Savage Avengers from the present day back to the Hyborian Age, can anything stop his murderous manhunt? Who is behind Deathlok's assault? And can this hastily assembled team handle the dangers that lurk in every corner of Conan's home era?

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