Detention #2

Detention #2

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Tim Hensley(w)(a)(c)

Brilliant cartoonist Tim Hensley (Wally Gropius) returns with his first new comic book since the acclaimed 'Sir Alfred No. 3' in 2015! This is a gorgeous, oversized one-shot comic magazine (there is no Detention No. 1 -- it's a joke, folks!) strictly limited to 2000 copies and available only through the direct market! Hensley 'adapts' in his own absurdist fashion an acknowledged classic of American literature, 'Maggie: A Girl of the Streets' by Stephen Crane into a 44-page, oversized, full-color comic book titled 'Detention No. 2.' Crane's 1893 novella tells the story of Maggie, a Bowery waif on the cusp of maturity who becomes tragically embroiled with a barkeep named Pete. Hensley satirically frames his version of this brutal tale of slum life as a study aide la Classics Illustrated, created for those being punished by remedial instruction.

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