Bloodshot Salvation #10 CVR A Rocafort
Valiant Entertainment

Bloodshot Salvation #10 CVR A Rocafort

Jeff Lemire(w), Doug Braithwaite(a), Kenneth Rocafort(c)

Two thousand years in the future - in the year 4001 A.D. - the man once known as Ray Garrison is no more?but the microscopic nanites inside him live on. Enter Bloodshot 4001 - a strange, gunslinging echo of Bloodshot's mind, body, and soul that is now more machine than man. But when our century's Bloodshot finds himself delivered to the dawn of the 41st century with one last mission to fulfill, two Valiant legends will finally come face to face... just as the secret revelation that binds them together across the ages will forever reshape Bloodshot's place at the center of the Valiant Universe!

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