Domino TP Soldier Of Fortune
Marvel Comics

Domino TP Soldier Of Fortune

Gail Simone(w), Various(w)(a), David Baldeon (a), Greg Land(c)

Collects DOMINO (2018) #7-10 and ANNUAL #1.

Domino has a dangerous new mission! Pale skin, black hair, skintight bodysuit - no, we're not still describing Domino... here comes Morbius, the Living Vampire! But who is preying on whom? Domino's luck seems to have a mind of its own sometimes, whether her intentions are noble or not. So perhaps a very special guest could give her a refresher course on luck-based powers? And maybe join her on a little trip to the Mojoverse? We know, it's a real long shot. Plus: At last, the origin of Domino's posse, Outlaw and Diamondback! The first appearance of the strange group known as the RejeX! And will Domino rekindle her brief romance with Colossus?

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