Conan Chronicles TP Epic Collection Darksome Hills
Marvel Comics

Conan Chronicles TP Epic Collection Darksome Hills

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Author: Kurt Busiek

Kurt Busiek(w), Fabian Nicieza(w), Cary Nord(a), Various(a), Joseph Michael Linsner(c)

Collects CONAN: THE LEGEND #0 and CONAN (2004) #1-19.

The legend returns! Conan the Barbarian stars in epic tales by comics veteran Kurt Busiek - including classics adapted from the works of original author Robert E. Howard! Whether he's warring with the violent Vanir or meeting a Frost Giant's daughter, Conan's savage sword is always close at hand and ready for battle! The story of 'The God in the Bowl' is presented in all its terrifying detail - introducing Conan's notorious adversary, Thoth-Amon! But who is Janissa the Widowmaker, and what role will she play in the Cimmerian warrior's life? Beware the Horror on Uskuth Hill - and the Thing in the Temple! And when two Nemedians walk into a bar, it's no joking matter. Prepare for swords and sorcery of the highest order with the greatest barbarian of them all!

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