Star Wars TP Han Solo Imperial Cadet
Marvel Comics

Star Wars TP Han Solo Imperial Cadet

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Robbie Thompson(w), Leonard Kirk(a), David Nakayama(c)


Untold adventures of a young Han Solo! How does a thief, accustomed to the chaos of back-alley brawls, adjust to the order and discipline of the Imperial Navy? Not very well! And Han's dream of becoming a pilot is quickly grounded when he realizes he may not even survive basic training. After a wild sequence of events lands him in the brig overnight, Han is given one last shot at flight school. But will he be top gun - or will he crash and burn? And who is his mysterious rival, ripped from the pages of classic Star Wars comics? Plus: Han enters real combat for the first time, but will taking a little hard-earned R&R at a casino prove to be even more dangerous? Never tell him the odds.

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