Impossible Incorporated TP
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Impossible Incorporated TP

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JM DeMatteis(w), Michael Cavallaro(a)(c)

Join 17-year-old Number Horowitz, daughter of legendary genius-adventurer Goliath Horowitz, as she and her companions board a cosmic train called the Non-Local Express, riding across the quantum sea and into the Infinite Spiral that leads anywhere, everywhere, and every place in between. Time travel, other worlds, new dimensions, and parallel universes: the Impossible Incorporated team can journey any place the mind can imagine-and also into mysteries far beyond imagination's reach. But the great mystery of all-what happened to Goliath Horowitz? Number's father vanished when she was seven years old, and she's determined to discover the truth about Goliath's disappearance. Advance solicited for May release! Pitch-perfect middle grade action starring a brave teenager on a quest for her missing father!

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