Hellblazer TP V21 the Laughing Magician
DC Comics

Hellblazer TP V21 the Laughing Magician

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Author: Andy Diggle Jason Aaron

Andy Diggle(w), Jason Aaron(w), Leonardo Manco(a), Various(a)


When the war-mage Mako carves a bloody swath through London's occult underworld, John Constantine tries to rally his former allies, despite all the bridges he's burned... Plus, when something goes horribly wrong in a secret room in the Vatican, a priest is forced to turn to Constantine for help. And in a story from HELLBLAZER SPECIAL: LADY CONSTANTINE, Johanna Constantine, 18th-century ancestor of Hellblazer, lands a job that promises a future of wealth and entitlement-and almost certain death and damnation in the frozen North Sea!

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