Trot and Capn Bill Adventures GN Sea Sirens
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X-Force #1

Trot and Capn Bill Adventures GN Sea Sirens

Amy Chu(w), Janet Lee(a)(c) Trot, a Vietnamese American surfer girl, and Cap'n Bill, her cranky one-eyed cat, catch too big a wave and wipe out, sucked down into a magical underwater kingdom where an ancient deep-sea battle rages. The beautiful Sea Siren mermaids are under attack from the Serpent King and his slithery minions--and Trot and her feline become dangerously entangled in this war of tails and fins. This beautiful, middle-grades graphic novel was inspired by The Sea Fairies, L. Frank Baum's 'underwater Wizard of Oz.' It weaves Vietnamese mythology, fantastical ocean creatures, a deep-sea setting, quirky but sympathetic main characters, and fast-paced adventure into an imaginative, world-building story.

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