Superior Spider-man TP 2019 Full Otto
Marvel Comics

Superior Spider-man TP 2019 Full Otto

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Christos N Gage(w), Mike Hawthorne(a), Travis Charest(c)

Collects SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN (2018) #1-6.

Otto Octavius once again becomes the Superior Spider-Man! If you think you've already read the most intense, unexpected and surprisingly heartbreaking Superior Spider-Man story there is, prepare to be proven wrong! Leaving the moniker of Doctor Octopus behind, Otto is going to show the world he's the most pragmatic, most effective and - to him, anyway - best super hero on the planet. But when Terrax the Tamer - a villain who considerably overpowers him - strikes, being superior isn't enough. It's time to go cosmic! But is the world ready? After tussling with Terrax, Otto is looking forward to the usual Spider-Man fare of street-level villains - so imagine his dismay when a major magical threat rears its ugly head and he's forced to?ugh?ask for help! Will Doctor Strange lend a hand or stop Otto himself?

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