Wonder Woman #75 CVR A
DC Comics

Wonder Woman #75 CVR A

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G Willow Wilson(w), Xermanico(a), Terry Dodson(c), Rachel Dodson(c)

At last, after years of exile: Wonder Woman returns to Themyscira! But in the wake of Ares' escape from his prison, the island is no longer the paradise she remembers? and the Amazons are no longer a united people! Disaster has forced Hippolyta's warriors to choose a deadly new ally, and Wonder Woman is powerless to convince them to turn back to the light! Who among the Amazons could possibly change the course of history? Only one: Diana's long-lost aunt, Antiope! A major figure of the Wonder Woman mythos returns in this extra-sized anniversary issue! Plus, Lex Luthor visits fellow Legion of Doom member Cheetah. He comes bearing gifts: a mythical weapon, one rumored to be able to kill anything-even a god. Or, in Wonder Woman's case, a demi-god.

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