Eternal Thrist of Dracula 2 #1
American Mythology Productions

Eternal Thrist of Dracula 2 #1

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Mike Wolfer(w), Elmer Cantada(a), Mike Kalvoda(c)

The indie horror event of 2018 returns with a brand-new chapter featuring a cover by the legendary comics artist Michael (I...Vampire) Kaluta! Return to 1970's grindhouse horror as Van Hauser and Kandy Brick come to terms with the truth... That Count Dracula is real, and he has his sights set on them! Following the horrific confrontation on Dracula's Philippine Islands sanctuary, the king of the vampires desperately searches for a way to halt the threat of the "tainted ones," and that means uncovering the original journals of Abraham Van Helsing, now in the possession of Van Helsing's great, great, grandson, "B" horror movie star, Van Hauser!

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