Gramercy Park HC
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X-Force #1
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Gramercy Park HC

Timothée de Fombelle(w), Christian Cailleaux(a) What could possibly connect two solitary beings-a former Opera de Paris dancer and an elusive man whom everyone fears? New York, 1954. On the roof of an apartment building, a young woman patiently tends to her beehives and seems to be longing for someone or something. In the building across the street lives a kingpin of crime, isolated from the world, except for one mysterious weekly outing. They don't know each other, but they can see one another. Between them, the void, a police car, and a private fenced-in park under lock and key. Gramercy Park is one of those rare graphic novels that defies the obvious and cliched, allowing the reader the freedom to wander in this mysterious adventure and get lost in the poetic script of Timoth?e de Fombelle and embrace the delicate drawings and muted colors of Christian Cailleaux.

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