X-Factor TP Epic Collection X-Aminations
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X-Force #1
Marvel Comics

X-Factor TP Epic Collection X-Aminations

Peter David(w), Various(w)(a), Jae Lee(a), Joe Quesada(c) Collects X-FACTOR (1986) #84-100 and ANNUAL #8. Peter David's fan-favorite run concludes! X-Factor battles X-Force as Stryfe's plans come to fruition, but can Professor X's life be saved?by Apocalypse?! In the aftermath of 'X-Cutioner's Song,' X-Factor gets some much-needed counseling, encounters the maddening mercenary called Random - and finally faces the fearsome Chalker brothers! Helping the mutant X-Patriots leads the team to Genosha, where Madrox must make a frightening choice! And when Quicksilver is tempted by Magneto's Acolytes, which team will he side with? As Forge takes charge, Polaris is targeted and X-Factor investigates the mysterious Haven! She can help free Wolfsbane from her Genoshan programming, but Haven's message of enlightenment may mean destruction for the world - and to stop her, a member of X-Factor will die!

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