Rick and Morty Dancing Pickle Rick

Rick and Morty Dancing Pickle Rick

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I turned myself into a Pickle Moooorty. To celebrate this accomplishment, we’ve released the incredible dancing Pickle Rick. The reason why anyone would do this, if they could, which they can't, would be because they could, which they can't. So we have done the impossible.

I'm Pickle Rick!!!

Pop Pickle Rick next to your big speaker and he’s ready to party! Not only does he come with the pre-recorded Rick and Morty Them Song, but he’ll groove away happily to any track YOU want to dance to!

Pickle Rick dances to music and sound! Featuring both built-in music and Pickle Rick speech taken from the Rick and Morty series, you can connect this speaker to your phone or MP3 player and listen to your favorite music!

  • GROOVE WITH PICKLE RICK: You’ll want to turn yourself into a pickle too watching Pickle Rick sway to the Rick and Morty Theme Song!
  • PICKLE RICK MOVES: Play your own music and watch Pickle Rick Go!
  • VOICE AND SOUND ACTIVATED: Pickle Rick is sound activated! So he’ll dance away to any music or sounds you choose… and he’ll dance when you talk to him!
  • PERFECT GIFT: This will make a perfect desk, office, or room talking piece. Great addition for any Rick and Morty fan.

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