Wolverine Vs Sabretooth 3D #1
Marvel Comics

Wolverine Vs Sabretooth 3D #1

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Chris Claremont(w), John Buscema(a), Bill Sienkiewicz(c)

A classic tale of Wolverine from the powerhouse creative team of Chris Claremont, John Buscema and Bill Sienkiewicz - now in sensational 3D! It's Logan's birthday in Madripoor - and as he does every year, he's reflecting on an earlier birthday and a crucial chapter in his long and bloody rivalry with Sabretooth! Prepare for an early and iconic journey into Wolverine's savage past, from a time when his memories were gone and his history was shrouded in mystery - and featuring one of the most tense and personal Wolverine vs. Sabretooth fights you've ever seen! Only now, Logan and Creed will leap from the pages before your eyes - just watch out for their claws! Polybagged with a pair of 3D glasses! Reprinting WOLVERINE (1988) #10.

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