Rocky and Bullwinkle Seen On TV #2
American Mythology Productions

Rocky and Bullwinkle Seen On TV #2

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Todd Livingston(w), Todd Clark(w), Jacob Greenwalt(a), SL Gallant(c)

Millions of kids are watching the new Rocky & Bullwinkle cartoon on Amazon. Come along for the ride with classic Rocky & Bullwinkle misadventure in today's unusual adventure,'Now you Caeser - Now you Don't!' Rocky and Bullwinkle must bring down those no-good nik imposters, Boris & Natasha from Blimpus Caeser's throne in this three-issue epic! Also in this issue a new Dudley Do-Right and Fractured Fairytale adventure! You'll get all this, plus a classic reprint adventure in Rocky & Bullwinkle As Seen On TV #2!

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