Wolverine #1
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Wolverine #1

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Wolverine is back with his new solo series, fresh from the island-nation of Krakoa. Things kick off with a double issue featuring both X-Force and Omega Red. In part one, Wolverine and the X-Force must find out why the mutant drugs Krakoa uses to distribute to the world are becoming street drugs on the black market, and who is the new leader powerful enough to control the mafias distributing it.

Meanwhile, part of Wolverine's past enemies has shown up on the island seeking asylum, Omega Red. What force could be strong enough to scare one of Wolverine's biggest enemies into an X-Men ally?

Who to know

The X-Force consisting of Wolverine Jean Gray, aka Marvel Girl, Domina, Kid Omega, and others are the CIA of the X-Men. They take on covert missions to eliminate dangerous threats in the fashion of an anti-terrorist task force.

Arkady Gregorivich Rossovich, aka Omega Red, is a super-soldier engineered by former Soviet Russia. His is ostensibly Wolverine's Soviet Counterpart with super-human endurance, strength, regenerative powers, and more.

Marvel Comics Wolverine #1 is written by Ben Percy, with art by Adam Kubert and Viktor Bogdanovic. Ben Percy is also writing X-Force, available for purchase at your comics store and online.

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