Supergirl #40 CVR B Card Stock Derrick Chew
DC Comics

Supergirl #40 CVR B Card Stock Derrick Chew

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Jody Houser(w), Rachael Stott(a), Derrick Chew(c)

Supergirl is out of control! Having fully succumbed to the Batman Who Laughs' deadly infection, she has left her boundaries behind and is flexing her power to the world. Is even Wonder Woman a match for a Kryptonian fully unleashed? The hope is that the true Kara Zor-El is still inside this rampaging monster, and that she'll come to her senses. But even if she does, will she ever be the same? The consequences of the Dark Multiverse infection could change Supergirl forever?and not for the better! Don't miss this do-or-die conclusion to the 'The Infected'!

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Also available in multiple covers