Fallen Angels TP Bryan Hill V1
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Fallen Angels TP Bryan Hill V1

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Bryan Hill(w), Szymon Kudranski(a), Ashley Witter(c)

Collects FALLEN ANGELS (2019) #1-6.

The dawn does not break for all! The warrior Kwannon, now taking on the mantle of Psylocke, finds herself on Krakoa and in the midst of a new world for mutantkind - but unsure whether she has a place in it. And when a face from her past returns only to be brutally killed, the new Psylocke seeks help from others who feel similarly lost, in a bid to obtain something that feels comfortable and right: vengeance! Young Cable and X-23 are on board - but will Psylocke's personal mission jeopardize the X-Men's new future? As her complicated history haunts her, Psylocke must mold her companions into a fighting force - one fit to take on the Children of Apoth! But who else will join these Fallen Angels in their quest? And can their fledgling alliance hold strong?

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