Green Lantern Season 2 #5 CVR B Cardstock Frank
DC Comics

Green Lantern Season 2 #5 CVR B Cardstock Frank

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Author: Grant Morrison
Artist: Liam Sharp

Grant Morrison(w), Liam Sharp(a), Gary Frank(c)

In the latest issue of this 12-part miniseries, Green Lantern Hal Jordan must test the limits of his ring's capabilities when he must take down two ruthless killers, each with the powers of Superman! Defying the will of the New Guardians, Hal finally finds his fugitive alien murderers: the deadly husband/wife team of Hyperman and Hyperwoman - but the consequences will be devastating! These super-spouses have already murdered one GL who tried to thwart their lust for cosmic power… and they won't hesitate to do it again!

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