Yang Gang #1

Yang Gang #1

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Chris Crosby(w), Shawn Remulac(a)(c)

With bold new ideas to combat threats like automation to prevent our future from becoming a dystopia, 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang is trying to make history... but he didn't realize that evil forces from the future would try to make him history! In order to survive his campaign and get all the way to the White House, he'll need a little help from his friends - the Yang Gang! Eccentric billionaire inventor Elon Musk builds Yang a suit of armor that allows him to fight the future, Oscar winner Whoopi Goldberg provides sage wisdom, and trusty campaign manager Zach is always by his side. There's a reason Trump fears Yang, and this political parody from the madmen who brought you The Superior AOC and The Donald Who Laughs will tell you why. The most wholesome gang you could ever join is getting bigger everyday, so jump on now! #YangGang

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