Mirka Andolfos Unsacred #2 CVR A Andolfo

Mirka Andolfos Unsacred #2 CVR A Andolfo

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Mirka Andolfo(w), Davide Goy(w), Mirka Andolfo(a), Various(a), Mirka Andolfo(c)

In Un/Sacred Vol 2, Mirka invites you once again into the world of Angelina and Damiano?and Eden, the new arrival in the family! In issue 2, Part 2 of 'In the Name of the Father', the family goes on a road trip to visit Angelina's deceased dad's villa. Along the way, they end up meeting her father's crazy old butler Teresio-still watching over the place-and getting sent on a wild treasure hunt! (or is it more like a wild goose chase?)

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