Fantastic Four TP Hickman Complete Collection V3
Marvel Comics

Fantastic Four TP Hickman Complete Collection V3

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Author: Jonathan Hickman

Jonathan Hickman(w), Greg Tocchini(a), Various(a), Gabriele Dell'Otto(c)

Collects FF (2011) #6-16 and FANTASTIC FOUR (1998) #600-604.

Jonathan Hickman's landmark run continues here! The War of Four Cities escalates as Black Bolt returns, determined to reclaim his throne - and the conflict expands to encompass the entire Marvel Universe! The Human Torch is back and Marvel's first family are reunited - just in time to end up caught between the Kree Empire and the Negative Zone's fearsome Annihilation Wave! And if that weren't enough, Galactus has arrived to judge the world! But as the battle between the Council of Reeds and the Future Foundation extends through the Bridge and spills over into our world, Galactus takes on a group of rogue Celestials! And now the Fantastic Four and their extended family must make their final stand. Discover exactly how Doctor Doom and the Future Foundation will save us all!

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