Tom Hollands Fright Night #1 CVR B Hasson and Haeser
American Mythology Productions

Tom Hollands Fright Night #1 CVR B Hasson and Haeser

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James Kuhoric(w), Cyrus Mesarcia(a), Neil Vokes(a), Buz Hasson(c), Ken Haeser(c)

Welcome to Fright Night...for REAL! Tom Holland's classic Vampire tale returns with a series that picks up right after the events of the 1985 movie! Based on Holland's novel which introduces Charlie Brewster, Amy Peterson, Evil Ed, Peter Vincent, and of course, the undead monster, Jerry Dandridge to horror fans! Written by James Kuhoric (Freddy vs Jason vs Ash) with interior art by Neil Vokes (Fright Night) & Cyrus Mesarcia (Carson of Venus), this story is fully authorized by Tom Holland himself! It's been a year since Jerry Dandridge died (again) and life is still crazy for the impromptu vampire killers. But something ancient and evil has clawed from the ground and found them. And they are going to discover that once you look into the undead abyss...the monsters hiding there look back. They are about to relive the worst night of their lives.

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