Last Song TP
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Last Song TP

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Holly Interlandi(w), Sally Cantirino(a), Natalie Jackson(a)

'Last Song feels like the introductory track of an EP, building to an emotional crescendo that will pound in your ears & heart.' (-Newsarama) From the team of Holly Interlandi on scripts with Sally Cantirino and Natalie Jackson on pencils & inks, this unique, heartbreaking story is about letting the music in... how it changes you and affects everyone around you, for better & worse. Nicky Marshall was saved by rock and roll - or so he likes to think. An awkward upbringing and turmoil following his father's suicide led Nicky to form a band called Ecstasy with his childhood friend Drey. The music takes them to Los Angeles, raw and gritty and teeming with personalities. Nicky thinks they're ready for stardom, but no one's ever ready for stardom. 'If you are into character driven tales with music at its heart, then go out and pick up Last Song.' (-Rogues Portal) 'Heartfelt, ambitious & definitely personal... Last Song sparkles when it focuses on the relationship at its heart.' (-Comic Crusaders)

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