How to store comic books

How to store comic books

Whether you are an avid collector, a casual reader, or even just starting to get into the comic book scene, knowing how to store comic books properly is a great way to ensure they will last a long time. But exposure to the elements like light and air will age your comic book, and dirt and dust can ruin a book from its pristine condition. In this guide, we will go over some of the easiest to achieve steps in making sure you can enjoy your comic books for years to come.

Always handle with clean hands.

Unless you are handling a rare or expensive comic book that is sensitive to fingerprints, handing a comic book with clean, dry hands is perfectly fine. Comic books do get damage from dirt, oil, and water, so keep those hands clean, and enjoy reading away from food or water.

Have a dedicated space for storage.

Keeping all your comic books in a box that sits on the floor somewhere leaves your library open to foot traffic, pets, dirt, and all sorts of hazards. Find a specific spot that is accessible but safe from getting damage to store your comic books.

Use a comic book box or shelf.

There are plenty of options for storage made explicitly for your modern comic book. “Comic book boxes” are a prevalent option made from bleach-free cardboard and typically come it short and long-form. Magazine files are a great option as well and fit nicely on most bookshelves. However, you decide to store them, keep them in a dry place away from excessive heat and out of direct sunlight (or high UV light). Bright lights will cause the ink and paper to age.

These options allow you to store comic books upright. That way, there is no worry about comic books at the bottom of a pile getting weighed down and damaged.

Book shelves and cabinets for storing comic books
Book shelves and cabinets for storing comic books

Mount it

Want to showcase your collectibles? Use a wall display frame to hang in your home. There is a wide range of options that best fits your style. Make sure that the display frame keeps air from getting to your comic you’ve got a great decorative enhancement to your home.

Wall mounts for showcasing comic books
Wall mounts for showcasing comic books

Mylar bags and boards

Use a bag and board to protect your comic book while in storage. A mylar bag is excellent at preventing air and dust from getting in as well as moisture, insect, mildew, and solvents. Including a bleach-free backboard provides added support to prevent bending. Mylar bags are a little more expensive than poly options. However, they last significantly longer.

Safeguarding with CGC

If you have a truly exception comic book and want to ensure its value, then splurging on a certified grading may be the way to go. Certified Guarantee Company is a service that takes your comic book, applies a grade to its condition (10 being the highest mint condition), then send you back your comic encased in carbonite! No, it’s just a sealed plastic container with the certified grade attached. CGC is the ultimate step in comic book storage.

Whichever method of storage you decide, as long as you treat comic books with care and store them properly, you can enjoy your comic books for years to come.