Never Miss an Issue with Zeus

Never Miss an Issue with Zeus

DC Comics

With news of DC Comics transitioning away from comics distributor Diamond, we want to assure you there will be no gap in DC issues on the pull list or shelves at Zeus Comics.

Zeus made the move to DC’s new distributor weeks ago after Diamond ceased distribution of comics at the end of March. Factoring into our decision was Diamond’s long term viability after a two month hiatus.

While other publishers still with Diamond have reduced schedules and releases for the summer, DC has a full slate of comics planned including Dark Night Death Metal.

We will continue to watch the market and make the decisions and moves necessary so you never miss an issue!

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Shipments are on your schedule too – weekly, monthly, whenever – plus local customers comics arrive next day!

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Prefer not to use cash or card? Zeus offers in-store customers a contactless payment option upon check out. Apple Pay, Google Pay et al. You can Tap and Go without the hassle!

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